Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pattern Digitization Service

I have decided to offer up my services at pattern digitization.

At this point I am only available to do craft and small accessory patterns  that are scanned in and in JPEG format. Patterns must be on regular size paper and with no pattern pieces overlapping.

The rest of my terms are found here

Here is an example of the differences you will see in a hand drawn to digitized pattern.

This is a pattern for a simple doll I made back in 2004. She was a gift and I never got photos for her.
On the Left is the early pattern I shared with words added in a photo editing program as my handwriting is lacking. On the Right is the recently Digitized pattern.

This is a scan of the two printout and there was no photo editing besides cropping!

It took me an hour to do the whole page, a lot was used up in the facial feature details and text.

I can do several line types, solid, dashed, dotted. different line widths, different line colors. I can use several fonts and letter can come in any height.

Adding seam allowance is a breeze in CAD

If your pattern is too large to fit on the page, I will reconnect the pattern in CAD, then break it back into pieces that fit on a page, this will insure that the piece lines up nicely.

More info can be found in this document, Please download and read thoroughly.

If you are interested I have created a listing on Etsy at an introductory price. Price is PER PAGE so order as many pages as your pattern is.

Since I never had good pictures of the doll, I am making her over, with additional wardrobe and hair styles!
Here is a sneak peek.

I hope to uploaded the doll pattern on Craftsy for free, I will includ both the hand drawn and Digitized patterns so that you can see the difference. You will be able to overlay the pages and looking at how they line up or vary. The biggest difference besides the facial details is that the body is now symmetrical! I originally shared this pattern on a yahoo group I was moderating (now defunct.)

I have a mailing list for those who are interested in this service, It will feature patterns that I have digitized and special offers as well as other useful information for the pattern designer.  You can SIGN UP HERE

Bonus image of the CADing process

Again my TERMS and SERVICES can be found here and the Etsy Listing is HERE

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