Monday, February 3, 2014

Something RIGHT in the world

Today I received and e-mail from Doll Artist Yve HooSon concerning a pattern I had made back in 2010.

Yve was concerned that my pattern was being shared illegally on the internet and contacted me, I had listed my e-mail in the pattern, to make sure that it was okay to share this pattern with others that were interested.

I can't tell you how happy it made me to see someone concerned about the legalities of a pattern floating around on the internet, and secondly, that people WERE sharing it!

It isn't much of a pattern, more of a template, since I do not know much about woodcarving, I couldn't write instructions, but I was able to get the shape I desired from a skilled woodcarver who had never done a period doll before.

You can check out the post about the 18th Century styled Wooden Doll Pattern here.

A Wooden Doll in the 18th century style

Some years ago I wanted a wooden doll in the Queen Anne style and contacted a woodcarver through Etsy to create one for me. Then other projects got in the way and I haven't gotten back to her to finish her.

She is missing arms because the upper arms are to be made of cloth.

I had to create a "pattern" for the doll and decided to share it with the world at large. But I have never shared it here!

So here is the PDF that I created with the "pattern" so you can make you very own wooden doll in the 18th century style, and have fun dressing her!