Monday, March 28, 2011

Golden Peacock Dress for Charity!

Cathy Hay who runs Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed, who made a recreation of the fabulous Oak Leaf dress by Worth 1903  for Costume College in 2009 (read the whole story here!) is embarking on a whole new adventure for Charity!

She will be making the Peacock dress also worn by Lady Curzon and made by Worth in 1903 to rais money to help Haiti.
I know there have been other natural disasters since Haiti's eathquake, but they still need help. Most of us can not go an help, Cathy is trying to raise money to go and help.

The way this is working is for each step, an additional part of the complete outfit will be funded. Currently she will be making the combinations, first petticoat and corset. there are still many layers to go for the complete dress! Her most recent post.
When you donate, give your Livejournal user name and you are added to the filter, this is how you will be able to watch the outfit come together in a dress diary.

If you do not have a Live Journal account, they are free, then you can Friend my sewing journal (tell me how you found me, I may not friend back otherwise.)

I have already donated, and will do so again, with each paycheck. come watch with me as a sure to be stunning dress is made, and help out Haiti!

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