Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When things change.

I had planed to have my first pattern available to pattern testers this month, but instead I am packing up my home to move to another state.

A big change for my family, undoubtedly, but we hope it will be a good one.

And thus I have not spent any time on my patterns for the last few weeks. My husband had just gotten the large printer to work 80% too. (we think it needs another ink cartridge)

Packing up your home always comes with stress, but also treasure.
I found an early 19th century corset I was working on before I found I was pregnant with my first child (who is in kindergarten)

I found the pattern for my wedding dress! funnily enough I had the patterns for my husbands, but had misplace mine! I also found the flyer for the ren fair where we had our wedding, Couldn't toss it!
Yes that dress still fits! and it was made from 4 yards of silk that I picked up for $12 (not 12 a yard, all of it for $12!) It is a medieval styled gown the supports the bust all by it self. Being made from 4 yards of narrow silk, it is not very full in the skirt, but still nice!

Well that's the update from this side of the move. the next post will likely not be for a month, and hopefully from the other side of the move.

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