Friday, June 14, 2013

The Tractor Dress

I have been making dresses for my daughter, the last one was just some tulle added to a Batman shirt. Upon seeing it, my middle boy asked if he could have a dress. I ignored him, thinking he was just feeling jealous about not having something new, but he asked me again a few days later.

So I took him to the fabric store and he picked out some pre-shirred John Deer fabric, in green, his favorite color. I  added some pink to make pockets and straps with. We found some Tractor buttons to complete the look.

I finished it up this morning before he was awake, and he is wearing it now.

I had to add pockets to a dress for my boy, he is VERY BOY, so I was surprised that he wanted a dress.

I decided to do button straps since we had the lovely tractor buttons.
For the back I went with strap placement that reminded me of overalls.
And of course the pockets. As my mother always says "gotta have pockets" I went with more pink as pink is his second favorite color and the print made lovely pockets, don't you agree.
Thank you John Deer for having fabric that appeals to BOTH genders. I know that when my son out grows or no longer wants to wear this dress, his younger sister will.

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