Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I make MY patterns

There are many ways that I utilize when making patterns.
1. If I am dealing with a scaled pattern from a book, I will scan it in and enlarge and alter it in CAD, If it is already in an electronic format, so much the better.
2. If I am drafting from measurements, I will often do it in CAD. Just can't beat that precision!
3. If it is a craft pattern, like my dolls and dragons, I do it by hand. Nothing beats good old paper and pencil!

My hand just knows where I want those curves, pencil is more fluid than mouse clicks. While I do have a tablet and stylus, I am not that familiar with it yet, and to top it off, my husband often takes it to work. (He is a draftsman, so deals with CAD all day and wants to minimize the mouse clicks he needs to make.) After I have made the pattern up, I will scan it in to the computer and CAD it over to give the nice accurate lines that my hand drawing lacks.

One of my dream items is a digitizing table. This would be the most useful when I take patterns off of antique garments. Yes folk I have a few that I intend to do, mainly children's clothing.

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