Saturday, September 25, 2010

Revisiting old patterns

In the past month I have been going through a phase of reducing possessions. Part of this includes setting up my Etsy shop to sell them. One of the things I hope to always have in my store is my Dragonlet pattern I made the original pattern back in 2004, before Etsy existed. At that time I was not ready to sell the pattern to anyone other than friends in my local doll group. I was not ready to start a business, but I hoped to eventually. Since then I have carried the unsold copies of the patterns as I moved. I rediscovered them and decided that Etsy was the format to help me sell them. I am down to my last paper copy to sell.
When the last paper copy has sold, I hope to have an e-pattern available, so I have been redoing the pattern.
Originally the pattern was hand drawn, then I scanned it into the computer and went over the hand drawn lines in a photo editing software. It took a lot of time, but I felt it was a better looking pattern for it.
Since then I have learned how to use a CAD program called Rhino and now I am going over the pattern again, this time in CAD. I am actually surprised at how good the pattern is, I am not having to clean up much, lines are matching up and pieces that are supposed to be symmetrical, are turning out to be just that.
This makes me happy! The pattern will now be better, clearer, and I can alter it with greater ease.

Make the best pattern you can, then learn how to do better. A good patter is worth updating.

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