Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New School Clothes

School starts in a few days here, but my family has been getting ready for weeks. We are now waking up and getting ready on schedule, all the school supplies have been gathered up, and some new clothes have been purchased.
My middle child asked for a shirt with Applejack in her hat on it. now most My Little Pony shirts are rather girly, either pink or purple or in a girl cut.
So I set about to make him one. I settled on using Fabric Crayons.
This is how it turned out
And a close up. I think it looks artistic on that heathered fabric.
Then my elder son, not to be left out, asked for a train with ponys riding it.
This image took more time to just find and create, but here is the front of his shirt.
 This design begged to go around the body of the shirt, so that is just what I did. it was hard to get the color in the seam.
And the back of the shirt
I decided to not stick with the pony color scheme of mostly pink, and indeed I found one image where the engine was blue, this would be more suitable for a boy's shirt.
The pony heads are about the size of a coin, so they were hard to do in crayon since it doesn't do detail very well.
 I put Applejack and Rainbow Dash in one of the coaches. (Yes I know I did dash's mane wrong)

This design goes about 3/5 of the way around the shirt. I decided against joining the train tracks around the rest of the shirt.
In order to do a design this large I used three sheets of paper, and cut out the car in front so that I could easily piece it together.
I did learn that I need to put the designs further into the paper, not on the edge, and you can see why in the pictures.

They will likely wear these shirt on the first day of school.

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