Thursday, April 17, 2014

First 2 weeks of College Art

Changes have happened as I have started attending Community College. I am taking Business and Art. YAY!

I won't bore you with the business side much as it is still a bit over my head. Instead I bring back Sketchbook Friday!

The first project was a Self Portrait Collage. We were encouraged to bring in magazines, scrapbooking paper etc. I took in a Simplicity Pattern Catalog! I started out by just tearing out any pages that appealed to me, laid them out, then went back to the pile and found more. Much staring at images happened and then I had my rough idea.

The background is a textured white paper, I rubbed colored pencils over it to highlight the motifs.
The the "skirt" area was made from torn green photos, mostly trees, but there is the Aurora Borealis and some moss in the lower left too. I chose to tear out these pieces for a rougher look than just cutting them.

The figure you will notice is from Simplicity 2890 Civil War Corset by Kay Gnagey

Then I cut out a bunch of words that popped out at me and started arranging them. Happy accident with the first layout attempt, the words made phrases, so I tried to make them all work as phrases. I also tried to stick to a more blocky text rather than cursive, but that didn't always work as I was running out of time.

Here it is finished and installed in the hallway, I have art on display!

A larger image of the phrases is bellow the cut, as is my second project.

Second Project was supposed to incorporate lines, and we started out by drawing blind. It was supposed to be abstract and I had some difficulty not giving it more form.

I started with pencils, then moved to sharpie, grabbing random colors out of my tool box. at one point I grabbed two, Blue and Orange, which are opposing on the color wheel, so I drew with both of them at the same time.

I didn't like it, so I glued some paper towel on top and then shredded that paper towel with my exacto knife. Still didn't like it, I really wanted to hurt it.

That night, I got the idea to take my needle point tracing wheel and use that to apply paint. I also grabbed my regular tracing wheel for a different look.

I LOVED how that worked out, and the instructor and many of my classmates also liked it to. Cleaning wasn't that much fun, though.
I just loved the holes. The regular tracing wheel was easier to use (and clean, and safer!) One of my favorite ways to use it was to apply a bit of paint to the board and then run the wheel through it over and over.

Overall, I am not that fond of it, but I KNOW that the next time I am in the fabric store, I am picking up a new tracing wheel for PAINT USE ONLY!

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