Sunday, August 5, 2018

A new project

Hello old blog,
My personal life has changed in the intervening years, new child, new career, new city, but my passion for sewing is still strong.
We are gearing up for Halloween 2018 here and I felt it would be a good  blog topic. My family is going to be the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels

The husband will be Kanan Jarrus, l will be Hera Syndulla, son #2 will be Ezra Bridger, daughter #1 will be Sabine Wren, and as of today the characters of son #1 and daughter #2 are undecided. Since I now work full time, our costumes will be a mix of bought and made, the husband is on board for making weapons and armour.

Yesterday I picked up this Book to help with the planing though it only  covers season 1. (I have yet to watch season 4.)

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