Sunday, August 12, 2018

Chose your character, and look

Every year I try to get my family to do a group costume. I suggested classic Batman, no dice. Two years ago I got 3 of the 4 kids to do original Star Trek, which they then were able to wear again the next year.

My first though was to have the family as such
Husband - Kanan Jarrus 
Myself - Hera
Son #1 - Zeb
Son #2 - Ezra
Daughter #1 - Sabine
Daughter #2 - Chopper

But then Son #1 decided he wanted to be Agent Kelly's, and he does resemble that character more than Zeb in both physic and personality. So that leaves me with a decision, do I keep Daughter #2, the 3-year old, as Chopper, or change her to Zeb and make a plush droid? Zeb is by far the most complicated character to costume, and my smallest human does have a personality more like chopper.

Once we decide on our characters we then have to  choose their looks, some like Sabine change often over the course of the series.

We have decided to do the blind Jedi Kanan, as I have never seen my husband without a moustache, and we met 20 plus years ago in junior high school over Star Wars. 

This puts us in season 3 to 4. Next question is do we stick, as a family, to these two seasons or go all over the series?

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