Thursday, July 5, 2012

Designing a Doll House

Corsetra Designs, not just historical clothes, but other Crafts as well, and today I am showing you a new project I hope to start on soon.

A Wooden Doll house for my children!
Recently we took them to the toy store to celebrate their birthday (my children are 2, 4 & 6, and their birthdays are 3 months in a row.) The two eldest boys were very interested in playing with the Calico Critters tree house, but that was too large with too many small pieces.
So I went online looking at dollhouses later and found what I like about different doll houses. I definitely wanted wood, and NOT pink! I want one that my boys would play with (along with the play castle and Stable)
I liked how open some modern designs are like Hape All Seasons House, Plan Toys Terrace Doll House and My First Dollhouse. I really like the way the fabric wall of Plan Toys Play House can be on or off, allowing for acces, or walls. But The best Ideas I found were the Maxim Designed by You Dollhouse and the Toideloi Stackhouse. I LOVE the fact that those two could be turned into more than one small house which is good when you have more than one child playing with it.

But none of these were quite right, some were too girly, some too big/small, some to expensive. But Honestly none of them had all the quality and features I would want. So I went to the drawing board, or in this case the graph paper. After I hade an idea of the dimensions I took it into CAd and made a 3D model.
I will now proudly tell you this is my 3rd 3D model, and first house (previous were and eyelet and a tent.)

Each color block is a different room, they are all less than 9" tall The blue has a foot print of 9X12", the orange and red are 18X12" and the purple and green are 6X12". so that when I put the rooms up they will fit on my bookshelves. I also think I will build some tops that look like a castle. I do not think we will start out with this many pieces, but it is fun to reconfigure the house.
There will not be many, if any, walls built in except for the ones beside the stairs. Instead I will make fabric walls with hook and loop tape for more versatility. Also the fabric walls will help to keep the furniture and dolls inside when in storage.
Next comes cardboard mock ups and then lumbar shopping!

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  1. This is an AWESOME idea. If it were available I would buy it for my niece!