Monday, July 23, 2012

Embroidering eyes

I recently started a couple of soft projects for my children.
One is going to be a doll based on Merida from Pixar's Brave. I hope to actually make more than one doll, and even hopefull a set of Triplets. The pattern is my own that I have designed and if it works out well, you may find it in my etsy shop soon.
The other is a Pony Pattern by VooDoo Tiki on Deviant Art
I decided to try my hand at embroidering these faces. The doll is finished and now ready to be assembled into a head. The pony will need it's mouth stitched after the face is seamed together.

The doll's nose is stuffed and has a scarp on the back to hold that stuffing in place. I hope it is still dimensional when the whole head is stuffed!

I am pleased with my attempts, having never embroidered eyes like this before, and I didn't take a look at tutorials until after I had stated. I will be trying different techniques on the next dolls and ponies.(yes I will be making 3 ponies) I used plain cotton for all of these projects.

The Merida Doll you see here can be seen finished here
The Pony is Finished Here

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