Friday, August 24, 2012

A pony for my daughter

My last post was about finishing the Merida doll. I am happy to report that she has safely made her trip!
In that post I also referenced the post I made about Embroidering eyes. Well the project the second set of eyes belong to is now finished!

The Pony Pattern  is by VooDoo Tiki on Deviant Art
Read more about the making of behind the cut
The Cutie Mark is just something I made up, I couldn't come up with anything that symbolized my daughter, and she is too young to draw her own.

VooDoo Tiki's pattern was made for fleece, but my pony was made in quilting cotton.
this how it looked when made folowing the pattern exactly, before the mane and tail were added on.
Can you see the issue with the legs?
The pony fell over!
So I pined the legs farther apart and stitched them in place, now the pony has a chance at standing unsupported.
Another issue I have with this pattern is the nose. it is awfully pointy, rather Chihuahua like IMO

Tonight I sewed the mane and tail on, so the pony is finished. (I think it is a girl pony) Just like the Merida doll, the hair is looped, so it won't unravel.

So good to have another project finished, and loved already!

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