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More thoughts on pattern covers

In the last post on this subject, I covered Corset Patterns, this time around we are going to look at Craft patterns. So I pulled out my stash of patterns that I have purchased over the years.

I covered Simplicity in the last post, and since the format of their pattern covers doesn't change much, I don't feel like I need to go over them again.

I do however state that this post is covering the visual and descriptive aspects of the PATTERN COVER only and is not a review of the patterns themselves. I have used some of these, and not others.

Melinda Small Paterson of Smallworks has a couple of Doll and Dragon Patterns.
Source: via Corsetra on Pinterest

The pattern cover is printed in full color on Letter sized paper.

Like many craft pattern makers, the pattern is named, not numbered.

At the very bottom of the page is the makers name, company, and all contact information.
Good points about this cover
More than one large color photos of the finished project.
A finished height and length is given for this dragon, it is large, and there is no sense of scale in the pictures. 
There is a small image of what the pattern shapes are
Issues I see with the pattern cover
No skill level on this pattern, but an approximate time to completion is given.(It really is a rather involved and advance pattern) An approximate time to completion is given.

Pam Grose doesn't have a website, but her patterns can be purchased at and other places
In this photo I show both the Basic instruction book (right) and Basic Lady Pattern (left)
The instruction book has a B&W illustration, the pattern has color pictures printed on regular weight paper applied to a B&W pattern cover. Mine are loose at this point, but they may have originally been glued on.
My copies are older and Pam Grose may have updated her format since then.
The pattern cover is topped with the makers comapny name, space is left for the photos and at the bottom is the makers contact info.

Good points about this cover
 Color Photos on the pattern (loose)
The maker has developed a good pun out of her name for her pattern company.

Issues I see with the pattern cover
There is no description of the doll, no height measurements. No skill level either. (I have not made it up)

Gail Wilson makes dolls that have an old world charm, some may even be suitable for reenactors.

Source: via Corsetra on Pinterest

Left is a pattern sold on etsy, you can see that the parts of the kit are visable below the "pattern cover"

This pattern in it's plastic sleeve includes fabric and other tools, the pattern cover is more of a fold over flap.

The front of the flap has an illustration and info about the doll. The size of the doll and it's inspiration are on the pattern cover.

In my collection I have Historical Folk Doll Kit 7, so I have unfolded the flap. On the back is the artist' bio, legal disclaimers, and website.

Good points about this cover
The fold over top works with showing off the kits parts.
Doll size is stated

Issues I see with the pattern covera lot of people like seeing color pictures, but the illustrations do work very well for it being a historical doll.

Judi Ward is a doll artist who was well known before the internet.
I have in my collection a pattern by her titled Baby Bottoms
This pattern is printed on Legal sized paper and was sold folded in half, thus it has that crease in the photo.

Since Judi has been selling patterns fro many decades several of her older ones were just illustrated with B&W drawings. This one has small color photos as well as the illustrations. It is very likely that her newest designs feature photos more prominently.

This particular pattern doesn't have a finished doll size listed on the pattern cover, but many of Judi's other patterns do.

Artist info and contact is printed just below the pattern name and description. which would show when folded. On the bottom is more descriptive writing.

Good points about this cover
 Color photos. Lovely illustrations. cute descriptions

Issues I see with the pattern coverThe color photos are small, they look like an addition to the way Judi used to do her pattern covers with the lovely illustrations she does. No finished size is on the pattern cover.
The way the pattern was folded and packaged, the top photo was split in half, not the best layout choice.

Marilyn Halcomb is an Australian designer whose patterns may be purchased at Dollmakers Journey and other places.
Since this is of Australian publication the paper size is different from American Leter, it is closer to 8 1/4 X 11 3/4" this pattern was sold folded in half, so that one sheet formed the front and back the back half contains materials list.
The pattern cover has black and white border with a color photo (on photo paper) glued in the center of it.
Top is the name, which includes a small bit of description (baby dragon)
Below the photo is the Artist name and contact info.

Good points about this cover
 Color Photo of Project

Issues I see with the pattern cover
No info on size is on the front cover (or the back for that matter)
No description of the project.
The surrounding illustration may seem busy to some buyers.

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