Friday, February 1, 2013

And the Bronze goes to…

Dragon Pattern

The Dragon pattern received more votes than I expected and a for a while in the beginning was in the Lead! In the end it had 16% of the votes, showing that there is clearly an interest in it, even though it is not a costume pattern. This warms my heart as a few people who are interested in costumes, suggested that there would be little interest in the dragons and dolls. So while it is clear that the corsets are the bigger draw, Dragon are cool too!

Dragonlet was my first ever attempt at writing a pattern, and thus is 90% ready to be produced. I just want to clean up the pattern a bit as I have learned how to use CAD since I made that pattern. I will also need to make a new dragon, as the first Dragons; Magnus and Crystal are now several years old and have faded, as they have always had an honored place in my home, being one of the last things to pack up and close to the first to unpack! So it may very well be the first pattern released, as I expect the corset patterns will take a lot more time in drafting, grading and testing!

So you haven't seen the last of them!

This means that the Corset patterns are in First and Second Place, Which one will win?

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