Monday, February 4, 2013

Only one Corset can win first place.

So in Second pace we have….

1810 Corset en X
24% of votes went to the wrap around stays/corset
I have started grading the pattern,  which is the most challenging aspect of the pattern making process.

A comment on my blog worth sharing:
“I voted skeleton, mostly cos I have Dawn Luckham's pattern (available here) and can figure out the corset en x. If I didn't I'd totes vote for corset en x, as I have bought every available regency stays pattern. (a wee bit obsessed & wanting to support the production of them)”

I want to go on record thanking Dawn for first sharing an image and then creating her pattern. I later found more info and created mine. I shared all that I had discovered with her and you may very well see her make a new pattern, but that doesn’t mean I won't go ahead with my vision of it.

Which Means….
The Skeleton Corsets WON!

Anyone surprised that the Skeleton Corsets won with 51% of the votes?


Oh well I guess that is where I am making my name, in the Skeleton Corset research. They are such an unusual style of corset and there are not many of them surviving. I am lucky to have the 2 that I have, though I really wish I had snagged the other one as well! (I saved the pictures from the ebay auction, but per the sellers request, I can not share them)

In the early part of the voting, Dragonlet was actually in the lead, then I went and asked for votes on the Corsetmakers LiveJournal Community and Dragonlet ended up in third place.

So again the breakdown of which pattern got what of the 37 votes cast.
Skeleton Corsets 19/37
1810 Corset en X 9/37
Dragonlet 6/37
Regency Girl 2/37
Medieval Child 1/37

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