Friday, January 13, 2012

1910 Corset pattern

I thought others might like to have a better image of the 1910 corset pattern.

Once again this is a pattern from July 1910 "Corset for a slim Woman (easy to wash)

(If those links fail, try this one for the illustration, and this one for the pattern sheet)

The waist is 24 1/2"
The hip is maybe 36"
The bust is about  36"
Wasit to top of corset at front is 7.5"
Waist to bottom of front is also 7.5"
(click on image to view full size)

I found it to be rather high in the bust, but the bottom length looks about right for the period.

To use this pattern, print out so that the squares are 1"

No seam allowances have been given.

Waist and grain-lines are given. Also are small red lines to indicate where a seam intersects that panel.

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  1. Great thanks! Have you constructed this yet? Any pictures?