Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teens era Nursing clothing

So like many costumers I will be embarking on a journey into the early 20th century for the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. A bit morbid? Sure, but also fun. I have never entered into this era.

I will need to make a nursing friendly outfit, just like all the ones I have made in the past 5 years....

I am quite pleased to be using Pintrest as well as some Facebook and Livejournal groups

First order of research was corsets, because let's face it they are my favorite!

My pintrest board for Maternity and Nursing Corsets through the ages  has helped me to organize things a bit.
But I decided to make a separate one for the maternity/nursing clothing, and I also found another board for historical maternity clothing. that readers may find of interest.

But back to what I plan on making.

First inspiration is the H&W maternity corset, that I have found advertised from 1909-16

In fact the name Marmo was trademarked in April 1909

Ladies Home Journal October 1910 on New York Public Library
An H&W booklet c. 1914 shows the Marmo

There are TWO surviving examples that I know of.
Antique Corset Gallery has the buttonfront version with what looks like a higher front

The Met's (formerly Brooklyn) 2009.300.2759a–g has a busk and nursing flaps. the front is lower. also it appears that the lacing only goes to the waist. (too bad there aren't more pictures!)

Standard mail order company advertisement of 1912? lower left shows a matternity and nursing corset like the H&W

Lara Corsets has a nursing corset that looks very similar to one advertised in 1915-16 Simpson's Catalogue as seen in Robert Doyle's Waisted Efforts, page 195

Spring Summer 1911 Macys catalog No. 16
Eatons of Canada 1913

But what about what goes over the corset?
Well a petticoat could have slits like this 1900-6 one from Bustledress.com

As for the dress itself, well there are two patents that show us what could be done
US patent 907,290  from 1908

and  US Patent 1,013,778 from 1912 

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