Monday, August 6, 2012

Mock-ups are always a good thing.

Remember that Doll house I was designing?
Well I finally dot around to making a cardboard mock up. After all, having recently moved, we had cardboard to use!
I didn't do all the pieces, just the 3 different roof sections and 1 stair/hallway section.
I have even allowed the children to play with it, even though I keep telling them it is MY doll house.

More pictures and further plans after the cut
EDITED with new roof shapes!
The large roof section you see in the center with the doll is the 12X18 size. To the right is the 12X9 size and to the left is the 12X6 size

I think the 12X18 is too large, but I like having the roof slopes in different directions, so I will just split it back into two sections. I do so love my dormer windows!

The 12X9 section is good, the roof slope is the same as the larger section, just going the opposite direction. This makes the space at the narrow end far less usable, but it does make for easy math! Also gives the dormers a slightly different look.

The stairs were fun to make in cardboard! I had to make some changes to my method of making it to account for my materials. In the cardboard mockup, the side with the stairs is open, in the wooden one the side with the stairs is to have a wall with a doorway  under the stairs.
Also please remember that this was to be an open frame doll house where there were no walls, just posts, floors, and roofs. The ONLY wood wall was to be beside the stairs for added structural support. the rest of the walls are going to be fabric.

Due to the weaknesses of corrugated cardboard, I made most of the models solid, with one open side, only the stairs got two open sides for access. But the above photo should give you a better clue as to how it would look when made of wood. Please also note, I did not model the 'feet" that help the models nest together.

When not in use, the mock up fits on my shelf. Since we have 12" shelves, this will work out well for storage.
We will need to put up more shelves, but we just haven't done that yet. (yes I STILL have books in boxes!)
I currently have the 12X18 sticking off the shelf, which is fine for cardboard, but I wouldn't do it with the wood. this shelf is over my sewing and computer area. If it fell it would hit my keyboard. (The dragon is Appallalla a very nice Buddhist dragon made from the pattern Purvis  by Laurie Taylor. )

So the next thing to think about is DOLLS
the dolls shown in the photos are Melisa and Doug, they are about 3" tall.They are from Son #2s Doorbell House We can get more of these figures as they are more suitable for our youngest who is 2 than other doll figures.
But the children are going to grow and it might be better to make the dollhouse suitable for use with stanard 1:12 scale dolls, which means raising the roof.

So back to the drawing board I go.

Well I have been at the drawing board for some time now.
I have eliminated the larger sections, they are all no 12X9 I will add the stairs into some of the boxes.
My eldest asked for an intersection of the roof angles, so I plaid around with that, I still have 3 roof shapes, but only one bottom box at this point.

The first picture shows the render with the same angle of roof, that the original plans, this creates a hole on the side, which in the finished product would have a wall.

The second I raised the wall of the blue so that it was the same height of the red, and this means there is no hole.

The Husband likes the first one best.

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