Friday, November 2, 2012

Funding Research

Put your Money where your Heart is

Yesterday was the first of  November and I donated my October Etsy Sales to Sarah Lorraine of Mode Historique for her research into the "chemise a la reine."

It wasn't much as my etsy sales are sparce, but it was the best I could do, seeing as the Etsy sales are the only income I have.

Sara has returned from her research trip and appears to have enjoyed herself very much, sh has posted some information already on her blog Scandalous Liberty but don't expect to see everything there as this is her Thesis! She has, of course, promised to share her research with the larger world in some undetermined format at a later date. Possibly as a book, in which case, she will likely need more donations. so I urge you to consider funding her project.

The original blog post I made about donating the sales, is here

I wish to thank anyone who helped Sara.

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