Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hallows recap

We had a good Halloween here, no part, not even trick or treating, but the Children did get to wear their outfits.

The tails did have issue with coming unsnapped. Surprisingly enough the Kitty tail stayed on the best even though it only has 2 snaps and the Bear and Puppy have 3?

So while I pat myself on the head for having Halloween outfits finished before October 1st, I still feel like a failure. Why?

My children appear to have dietary issues, so we are on a Gluten, Dairy and refined sugar free diet. Thus My School aged chidren were told to only eat what I gave them in their lunch, and nothing else, which they did. I tried my best to make thier lunch more special that normal, and apparently succeeded!

From that small intro intro our diet, I think you can see why we didn't Trick or Treat.
We didn't attend any parties as we have only been here 6 month and haven't made friends yet.

I didn't dress up. I think that is why I feel like a failure. Like many others in the Historical Costuming field, I don't generally wear my historical outfits on Halloween. A lot of that is still in storage from the move too. The only corset that fits is the Corset en X, which isn't very costumy. Even my witches hat is in storage.

My children's outfits, while made by me and USEFUL are not actually costumes, which some class mates pointed out. but My children are all happy with their outfits!

I had several costumes made by my mother growing up, she is the reason why I am interested into Historical Costuming, she even did theme parties at other times of the year. I feel like a failure as a costumer for not doing something for Halloween.

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