Thursday, November 15, 2012

SPP 2009 Color choices

I knew that the dress would be made in silk, so the first thing I did was go through my small stash.

Elphaba's green skin tone would prove challenging, but that is part of why I love her so much. all these photos were taken in natural light.

The first choice was a red/black and is actually more brown than these photos. It was just scraps left over from another project.
My issue with it was it is very close to the color of her hair.

The second choice was black, the standard Wicked Witch of the West color. and she will get a black outfit some day, I decided that I didn't want to make the dress in black. This is also scrap fabric (was going to be an elizabethan shirt, but I learned better.)

The third choice was teal/purple. I had some prewashed scraps (left) and 2 yard of it that were not washed (right)

So of the three colors I had in my stash, the red was the top contender, but my husband (who has a better sense of design and color than I) didn't care for it, so we went shopping. We found
a gold haboti. I put her up against it and it looked good on her, so did the pumpkin below the gold. So I decided to get a yard of each which is enough for the dress, believe it or not. There ended up being two yards of the pumpkin so I took it all.

Now the next day I pull out my silk ribbons, the gold I had is really close to the gold haboti!

AND the gold is really close in color to the actuall SPP dress as seen in Moden!

So now to decide on what color to trim it?

Pumkin with the gold and a gold waistcoat?
Pumkin with black? (too jack-o-lantern?)
Gold with white?

I had a quick look through my books and the only really orange dress was rather plain.
I had some 4mm black silk ribbon on hand for this picture

I picked up some other colors of ribbon at Lacis

These are the 2mm ribbons and the design called for three rows of trim.

In the end I went with the gold and black.

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