Thursday, November 8, 2012

Single Pattern Project 2009

Back in 2009 Your Wardrobe Unlock'd had the Single Pattern Project. The challenge was to make something using the pattern for this dress
Source: via Corsetra on Pinterest

National Museum of Denmark mus. nr. 6070/1977 to 6072/1977
At the time of the challenge, the Danish Museum's website was done differently and the patterns were freely on their website.

Do not fret, the patterns were originally published in a series of books, this one was in Moden 1840-1890, which I own. The books are hard to find these days, especially in America, but they are very nice, and the website did not post all the patterns when they were up, so it was worth it to me to buy the books. even though I can not read much of it, though some of it is in English

I was pregnant at the time of the challenge, so I decided to make the dress in miniature for my doll

Tonner 2007 Basic Wicked Witch of the West (left) My first Tonner doll, my husband picked her out at a doll show.
In the end I made her the entire outfit, much of it sewn by hand, due to the small size. The outfit includes all period correct undergarments.

I will slowly port over the dress diaries for each piece.

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