Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Fourth Place we have....

Girls Regency Outfit
Receiving just 5% of the votes, it was clear that the audience was not that interested, probably because of my lack of photos! This pattern is already multisized for ages 2-6 in a few style variations.

I created this pattern over a year ago for the little girls attending my regency themed party. I wanted something different than the patterns that were out there, so I choose to interpret this one off of flat front gowns of the period without a waist seam on the front.

Like this one from Vintage Textiles C. 1820

This C. 1810 one was also offered by Vintage Textiles, but the images are no longer on that page.

The eventual pattern will have a variety of style options, like these sleeves
Dress, child's, red and white checked cotton, 1815-1825 Wisconsin Historical Society Object ID 1969.27
(that link is likely to break and not lead you directly to the garment)

I am also thinking of adding Pantaloon and an Apron, possibly also the full undergarment set as well as a pelise!

Comments about this pattern
“I'm voting with my business sense (regency girl), not my personal desire (en X)”

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