Monday, October 8, 2012

Etsy Monday for October 8th, Sharing the love of other shops.

Today’s post is not my standard Etsy Monday post.
Today I will be talking about OTHER Etsy shops than my own.
These are shops of friends and acquaintances, and folks I have dealt with personally. Listed Alphabetically.

Atelier Sylphe Corsets
Based in France, this corsetiere offers Ready made corsets and accessories as well as patterns from Antique Corsets in her personal collection. I have already bloged about using one of her patterns (dressform in miniature)
Also check out her Facebook page.

Texas According to Christy
Christy loves things that relate to her state of Texas, and if you like Big State Style you should check out her shop which features prints, decor, and clothing as well as some supply destash.
I particularly love the Flour Sack Purse!

This is the shop of  Sarah Loraraine of Mode Historique.
Her Etsy shop is filled with  vintage items like jewelry and patterns, as well as supplies like fabric. She is raising money for her research trip as talked about on her other blog Scandalous Liberty.

Hush, Little Baby
Hush, Little Baby is run by a friend of mine from my college days and her husband. It was inspired by their little girl. Products they offer include natural skin care made from Organic and non-GMO ingredients and Kawaii clothing and accessories for children and adults. They are open to custom orders.
They also have a Facbook page wher you can occasionally learn about Special Offers.

Jolly Dicey Costume
Jolly Dicey is a team effort of two very creative ladies in London, England and they make historical and fantastical costumes. They have some items ready made and listed in their shop and are open to custom orders. The level of historical accuracy in their costumes is varied upon their clients needs and desires. They are active in a certain LARP, and do other historical events throughout the year.

Mockingbird Workshop
Mockingbird workshop is the creative endeavors of a friend of a friend, who I now call a friend.  Like many artistic people, her creative work is diversified into more than one medium, so go check out her current listings.

Raven’s Trove
Trish makes lovely handmade veils and also has been destashing her pattern collection. She has several out of print costume patterns, particularly in the larger sizes.

This is the woodworking artisan who made my wooden doll in the 18th century style.
Take a look at the listing!
I still have to add the linen arms to the doll and paint her, but her shape is exactly what I wanted. He did an excellent job at executing the pattern that I had drafted up.
The pattern can be seen here and you can use it to make your own, or have someone else make one for you. Why not contact Redcedarworks too see if he will make one for you since he already has experience in it.

I met her on a wedding board and just followed her around the net. At one point I did order some fiber from her, and she was the inspiration for the little toddler Bias Plaid Cottes that I have made and will eventually be a pattern produced by Corsetra Designs.
On her Etsy page she is selling handmade ready to wear costumes suitable for SCA and Ren fair as well as Fantasy wear. She also has destash items listed. So look for fabric, trims, and patterns.

Blankie Doodle
And finally a non-Etsy crafter (because she hasn’t gotten to Etsy!) is my Sister who makes custom baby blankets. You can see her work on this webpage
and her Facebook page as well.
(please note She is NOT blankiedoodle.blogspot)

So please go and visit my friends' shops and when you order, tell them you heard about them from Corsetra!

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