Friday, October 12, 2012

Sketchbook Friday Meet Girlfriend Dragon

Meet Girlfriend Dragon

So named by one of my young sons when I first drew her.
She is the logo for Corsetra Designs.
Why a Dragon in a Corset? Well she covers two of the largest aspects of our pattern offerings.
A Refresher image for you.

Corsetra Designs will be offering patterns in several different categories:
1. Corsets taken off of original Antiques and my own drafts.
2. Clothing of my own drafts, and taken off Antiques
3. Cloth Dolls and Dragons
4. Other Miscellaneous Crafts. (am don't feel like limiting myself)

Thus being a Dragon in a Corset she melds most of these aspects together and symbolizes what I want to produce as patterns.

Why not just stick to one of those aspects?
Honestly how many people limit them self to just ONE craft? So many crafts work well with other ones, and indeed, sometimes require other skills, that most, if not all of us actually do more than one craft all the time.
I like making dolls, and clothing for dolls. Many times I make an outfit I would LOVE to wear but can’t for any number of reasons in doll scale just so that I can make it.

Back to Girlfriend Dragon
Here is what the original hand drawing looked like when I scanned it in. Whoops, I ran out of page for all of her!

I also drew this image at the same times, but quickly decided that it wasn't a good representation of what I wanted to do for my pattern line.

I have actually made a dragon similar to the image some years ago, though I STILL have not made her a corset!

Meet Countessa Dragonessa Drackona of Dragonia
She is 19" tall and was made for a challenge on a yahoo group back in 2005. The challenge was to ONLY use the color purple, no other color, not even black or white.

The line from Disney's classic Sword in the Stone "Did I say no purple dragons" kept following me around. one night soon after the challenge was announced I was drawing and a lady dragon popped out of the page. So after some fabric shopping, I drafted up a pattern. and then let it sit. I procrastinated so long that I actually sewed her up in only 3 days, not bad. She placed second in the Public voting, and 6th over all (there were several layers of judging.)

She should get a corset at some time in the future, I think I even made a pattern for an edwardian one for her. It is porbably in the file with her original pattern. She also deserves to have her mate Count Drako Drackona of Dragonia made up for her, he is to be green.
Her eyes are made out of glass pebbles, which were painted on the back. Which you can see adds a realistic look to her when photographed.

Today I am going to play around with Spoonflower and try to get my logo made up so that I can recover my Child size dressform

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