Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part 3

 This is the Third and last post on Halloween Outfits for My children. See the first post here

And the second post here

This was mainly done just for fun. As it is not a wearable.
I made each of my children a stuffed toy in their animal with the same fleece as their outfits using Simplicity 2387

This is a pattern for a Cat and Puppy, so I needed to make a bear. To make a bear, I just altered the cat ears to be round and the tail to be round as well. I think the Cat ear pattern should be more pointed.  The paws are difficult little pieces due to their size and I don’t think they added much to the foot shape, swinging the front of the leg out, might have done the same thing.

If you choose to make this pattern here are some things I did differently that I think made it easier.
1. Embroider the face before you attach the head front to the head back.
2. Hand sew the paw bottoms on by hand
3. Turn the body right side out and insert it into the head, which is inside out, and then sew the neck.

Each animal got a ribbon around it’s neck and a special button. The Dog has a Red Train, the Bear an Airplane with many colors, the Cat a Green Frog. Each child picked out their buttons.

My Children all love their animals and often carry them around and tuck them in at night. More than any of their other animals since these are specially made by Mama.
Unfortunately the Airplane button on the Bear's ribbon lost it's propeller when the child owning it was banging it against a table. Thus a tantrum followed and once he calmed down a trip to the fabric store to get a new button happened. He now has a green car.

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