Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Part 2

This is the Second post on Halloween Outfits for My children. See the first post here

I had difficulty finding a coat pattern that I liked, I settled on Simplicity 2745
Because it was CUTE For my daughter, and came in all the sizes I would need for all my children. I would need to alter the pattern to make it boyish, but that wasn’t hard. Also the pants pattern could come in handy for my children’s first winter in a climate that snows.

To make it for my daughter I decided on using a contrasting color for the godets. I loved the way this looked, but if I was to do it again, I would alter the side seam so that it also had a godet in it, this would not be a hard thing to do.

A word of advice, the godet is 1 size for ALL sizes, it is not graded, and thus will end up starting well below the waist on the larger sizes.  I made the size 3 for my daughter, and the godet starts at the hip.

 To alter it to be boyish, I combined the side front with the front, and the side back with the back, by removing the princess lines and cutting the pattern off at the hip.  I also did not put the collar on.
The boys coats close with zippers. Which means I altered the front to no longer have that overlap the pattern included for the buttons.

The boys got to pick their own buttons.
 Last I sewed and stuffed tails and attached them with snaps to the back of the coat. The snaps add a bit of safety should a tail get pulled or caught.  The pin of the snap is pushed through the fleece from the inside so that they are more hidden. I used large size 2 snaps for the tails, three on the dog and bear, 2 on the cat tail. To the left is what the snaps look like from the outside of the coat, the right is the inside view.

My child's form is a size 3, so the Dog tail is actually attaching bellow the form's base and thus is drooping more than it does on my child.

My daughter got a Bow on her backside that hides the attachment of the tail. Little girls can rock the butt bow way better than us grown-ups!

As far as the coat pattern goes, besides the godet issue, I found the sleeves were rather long. I ended up turning them up 3” on all my children. I also highly recommend a wavy rotary cutter for finishing the edges as it is quicker than sewing and looks very nice, particularly on the collar!

The Third Post can be found Here.

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