Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A question on geometric pattern pieces

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I have been thinking about what to do about large rectangular and square pattern pieces in my patterns.

The Big 3 ALWAYS include all pattern pieces, which annoys me when you are dealing with large rectangles for say an 1860's skirt. (I would just measure the pattern pieces, or better yet ME and then cut the appropriate widths)

When it come to printing out a downloaded pattern, large rectangular pieces can be wasteful of paper, ink and tape.

So I am currently leaning towards NOT including rectangular or square pattern pieces in my patterns. (circles and non right angle triangles can be difficult to make, so I will include those)

Instead I will mention the sizes needed to be cut in the layout, instructions and on the pattern pages.

Do you think this would be too confusing for a beginner?

I am not talking about anything quite as complicated as the below image, which requires working in Nails (2 1/4") and more math, but of cutting a rectangle A long and B wide (including seam allowance)

Workwoman's Guide by A Lady 1840  Plate 6 concerning the making of Women's Shifts.on Google Books


  1. One of the easiest patterns I have has the # and measurements of the fabric pieces for a skirt as well as instructions for making it longer or shorter. As long as you have excellent instructions it shouldn't be an issue for a beginner pattern.

  2. So long as you clearly state (so that blind freddie can easily see it) that the seam allowances are or aren't included. Mention it in more than once place if possible to allow for the different ways people read/think.