Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am not just doing it for you,

I am not making this just because you asked,
I am not helping you with this project just because you are my friend,
Nor will I help you in the hope that you will help me, or other karma,
I do not drop what ever I am doing, to help you look for that reference for your research just because you need it,
I do not enter challenges just for the prize,
I will not write about that topic just because you want to read it,
I am not doing this just because you asked.

I do it because I want to.
I do it for the Challenge.
I do it because I see it helping me in some small way.
I do it for the benefits that may come later.
I do it because it inspires me.

This post brought to you by my children's birthday gifts I am working on.

Embroidering eyes

Fabric is a pink zebra polar fleece, I drew the eyes on white cotton, colored them in with fabric markers (didn't have purple, so I used red) and then started stitching it down, cutting around 1/8" and turning under as I worked.

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