Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome April!

I know I am a bit late on my wrap up post for March, My children are on Spring Break and that has changed my daily schedule.
The weather is unusually warm and so we had a lovely egg hunt in the backyard on Sunday.

The early part of March I spent sick, this germ is a persistent one, as I feel it has not left me fully.

I wrote a book review on a Teddy Bear Making book, and I uploaded an edited review to Amazon.

I have been spending time on personal enrichment, well it isn't ALL personal, I am reading and taking classes to help me further my goals, the whole reason why I have this blog: to bring Corsetra Designs into a fully functioning state.
During this I was so inspired by Huge Macleod's How to Be Creative, that I shared it with you.

As I mentioned in my wrap up post for February I was going to be rearranging my work spaces, well I did that, but not good enough for pictures. This moving of my computer desk prompted me to blog about how I store my patterns.

I also have rearranged other areas of my living quarters, in fact I spent all of yesterday cleaning one of my children's play areas on one of the levels of this house. (they have 3 play areas, not including the bedroom.)
To this extent I did some personal sewing, I made curtains to go around my bed.

I STILL have more cleaning and rearranging to do in my living quarters, and some sewing to do for this organization.
Spring is here, so enjoy the warmer weather and growing things.

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