Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting aHEAD

After making the Pink Zebra and changing the pattern, I cut into my intended fabric, knowing I had enough to make a second pony if the pattern was still not to my liking, this time I used the proper grain as I was working with a solid, not a print.

I also choose to make this pony standing I actually have about 4 poses made into patterns.

If I thought the last pony had a funny head, this one has a stupid head!

The body, how ever, is good, though I think the legs need to be longer to match Applejack better, as is they work more for her little sister Apple Bloom

So I am taking the stuffing out, unstitching the head and making a new one, raising the ears and giving more chin. At least my child is happy with it as is, but I just couldn't stand looking at this face for long.

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