Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Dragon Bag and copyright thoughts

Here is the second Dragon bag all finished up.

But it is not going on my etsy shop.

I made a mistake, and selling this one would be infringing on copyright, so instead it is being gifted to my friend and fellow dragon lover K in Canada.
My mistake was in the choice of dragon design. Both this and the last dragon were stencils I made from books for a previous gift project. 
This dragon design is from of Dragon Wings and Faerie Things by Jillian Sawyer Amazon Link
Before I finished I double checked the copyright in the book, and then on the website.
On Jillian's website is a clear declaration of Copyright.

So the point of this story is to always check the copyright before you make something for sale!

And it also brings me to think about what type of copyright I will put on my patterns? should I allow sales from my patterns? Should the sales be limited?

Questions I will have to answer before my patterns hit the printers, and I will be sure to tell you of my decision in a blog post to come.

The Celtic knot was also a stencil I made for the same gift project that the dragon stencils were made for. I am actually surprised these stencils were in the house when so much of my sewing and craft supplies are still in the storage unit from my move months ago.
In the mean time, more pictures of the Dragon bag. I outlined this one in couched metallic embroidery floss, just to be different from the last one I did.
The face came out a bit sad looking, but still nice.

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