Friday, September 28, 2012

Sketchbook Friday: some drawings and their finished products

Today's Sketchbook Friday scans are from 4 different sketchbooks, but all are of dolls and costumes that I actually made!
First off is a Green Fairy Costume that I made in the early 2000's
Left is colored with Jell pens and shows the wings.
On the left the bodice is shown lacing up the front, when in reality it laced on the side backs.
On the right is an old picture of me wearing it.

The skirt got re-purposed, the wings were destroyed and the bodice and sleeves I sold on Etsy

Next is a drawing of a silver skirt that I currently have up for sale on my Etsy shop.

And here is a doll I made.

This is what he looked like when finished, other than he never got his boots. His name is Jasper.
He bears a strong resemblance to my husband and his brother. So much so that when my  2 year old recently saw the doll she called it Uncle!
Jasper is my own pattern and was my first male doll, I think I did a good job on his face.

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