Monday, September 17, 2012

Etsy Monday 9-17-12

Today's Etsy Monday post is a special sale on a complete set of vintage sewing technique books from the 70's

Well actually the books were originally printed in the 40's so the interior illustrations are from that era!

If you are interested in Vintage sewing, these books would be a lovely addition to your collection.

Simplified Systems of Sewing and Styling 1948 26th Edition 1970

 Until October first you can get the complete set for only $8 plus $4 shipping! If you take a look at other offerings for this title on Etsy you will see that complete sets run for quite a bit.

Here is a selection of darling images you will find inside this book

Style lines

Fitting and finishes

 One of my favorite sections is on restyling and mending, both are very valuable to the recreationist today. 

Until October first this is on sale for $8.00! After that it returns to $15.

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