Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Computers, sewing, and the Holidays

I spent the last week without MY computer. I used my husbands Linix machine for basic internet, but since RhinoCAD doesn't work in Linix, I had to draft my patterns by hand, which meant I made some mistakes.
My computer is now up and running better, I didn't loose any data, and I even have MY color printer now on my desktop! But I am sure my computer is up for a clean sweep and reinstall of Windows soon.

So I spent my time sewing instead. I mentioned making a pattern above, yes I am making gifts for the various winter holidays that those around me celebrate. I can't talk about many of them, in case a recipient reads about their gift ahead of time, but I can share that I have been making a doll bassinet/basket for my daughter. She has a Baby Stella by Manhattan toy and I wanted a SOFT bed for Stella, but couldn't afford the one Manhattan toy sells, as nice as it is. I wanted a soft bed for a couple of reasons, 1. I am afraid my children would break a nice wood or wicker one, 2. Stella's bed will likely end up IN my daughters bed, 3. washabilitiy, 4. I MAKE something for her.

So I made a pattern, and didn't measure it correctly, so there is an added "design element" to it that an the whole actually makes it look more visually interesting. I will share pics after it is finished.

Do you know how hard it is to make something for someone when they are present? I know she is a small child and thus can be distracted with toys or the TV. I know some families are not so big on surprises, but to me that is part of the gift, the unveiling. At this point it is begining to look like something, so I have to work on it while she is not in the room, likely when she is sleeping.

Now to figure out what to make my Boys so that they get something from Mom too!

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