Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Giftmas 2012 Part 2

This post has ZERO sewing in it.It is something that I "made" for my children as their Big gift.


One of my sons asked for a washer months ago, so I looked at options online and decided to Mod my own.

I started with Closetmaid Qubemates with Door

Source: via Corsetra on Pinterest

Another option would have been this 2 Door Cube at Target

After assembling the cube, I turned to my Brother-in-law who was in the shop working on his own project to help me with the back board. I had purchased the 2 black knobs at my local Ace Hardware, the round wooden ones were found in the shop from an older project, likely several years ago.
The writing was done with sharpie, after looking at the real deal in the laundry room.

Should these units be out grown by my children, they will just be used as storage after the back board is removed.
Baskets from the dollar store add a nice touch to the set.
Christmas morning the children were very happy to find it and decided to wash their Christmas stockings (after they were emptied of course.)

Unfortunately the black knobs worked themselves of their bolts, so my husband and his dad found better knobs that won't come off!

If you wanted to do this for your children, please read the size of the cubes first to make sure you have room for them, the units are supposed to have shelves in them and thus have no door stopper other than the shelf. to remedy this I used the plastic hardware that was supposed to be used to anchor it to the wall as a stopper for the door.
I was originally hoping that I could do a top loading washer, but the units are no perfect cubes. the depth is different from the height and width by about 2", so front loading washer it is, even though that is not what we have for the real deal.

The washer and dryer are set in a little nook area by the front door that is the play kitchen.
The unit on the left is ClosetMaid 1 Door Organizer that we use as a Fridge, which the children got about 2 months earlier since they figured out I was wanting to get them one. I got baskets inside to hold the food, otherwise it rolls and falls out.

the Kitchen by Alex Toys was part of last years Big gift and I love it's small size which is great for apartment living. the back bar with the hooks comes out and can be put inside the oven for storage. Actually that bar is not necessary and can be discarded if the children are unsafe with it. I like how it is NOT PINK as cooking is not something that is divided by gender, nor is laundry for that matter!

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