Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giftmas 2012 Part 1

I tend to keep my religious and political views out of my costuming, but the winter holidays are mixed with religion, seeing how I exchange gifts with folk who celebrate various holidays in various ways, I have latched onto the term GIFTMAS to cover the gifts exchanged during the winter holidays.

This year, since I moved, I found myself NOT sewing costumes for winter events. Normally this would be clothing for the growing children.

Instead I put my sewing efforts toward gifts.

Since I good reception of the embroidered hankies from my husband. I decided to do that again, so I purchased a new set of 6, half had grey borders, the other half were blue.

I decided to go with a Geek theme for these and ended up pulling from various interests.

First one up was the Spitfire, the image was pulled off a set of WWII spotter playing cards that we have. (Reproductions)
 Next up was the Tardis, which was the most intensive one that I did!
 Then came the Star Trek insignia.
 Last was a companion cube. this companion cube is just 1" square and I didn't put it at a diagonal like the others.

Presentation is everything, so I wove them together into a pretty little square.

Even the backside is woven.

Finally a rule for scale.

I decided that I would also embroider one for a family member who has the nickname of Rabbit. the image came from The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters, found in the Fairies and Angels section.

I am so pleased with how the little face turned out.

Just for good measure the back of the rabbit.
Lastly I would like to apologize for the photos, I am not good at photography and had to sneak these photos when my husband wasn't looking.
If you talk to any of may family, please do not give these gifts away!

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  1. These are lovely. And they're a clever idea. This gift should make his heart sing every time he uses it.