Monday, March 4, 2013

End of February post

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to do end of month posts about what I accomplished in the past month.
Well this post is a few days late, as my family has been sick the past week, and I am sick as I type this. but at least I am out of bed and DRINKING MY TEA!

February started off with the results of the pattern poll.
1st and second pace corsets
3rd place dragon
4th place Girls Regency dress
5th place Child's Medieval gowns

I also wrote posts covering pattern envelopes Front on historical clothing, front on craft, and pattern envelope backs. I still have a few more posts on this subject in the works.

Then I took some personal time and made a Valentine for the love of my life I also made three scaled down versions (to provide more family friendly photos) and listed those in my etsy shop, thus fulfilling my 1 new etsy item a month goal.

Yes I did fall off the blog once a week goal, partly due to the sickness in the house, but more due to the fact that I am in desperate NEED of rearranging our living spaces! I spent several hours measuring the rooms and the furniture in them, putting those measurements into CAD and moving things around virtually. We have a plan, and some things have already been changed. I will have some personal sewing to do for this too, and am likely to share it here.
Dinah and her mate. The first two dragons I ever designed. The look after each other, just like my husband and I have been taking care of each other while being sick.

I didn't get to working on any of the proposed patterns I polled you on, mainly because I REALLY need to organize my space. This is daunting to me, on top of the normal everyday running of my family.

So what I WILL be doing in March is this:
Moving around my computer and sewing space, maybe It will even be clean enough to share pictures with you? Hopefully this doesn't take all month, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.
More blog posts on pattern designing are already in the works.
And I have a couple of free patterns and tutorials I am working on as well.

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