Thursday, January 31, 2013

And the Looser is...

The poll is now closed and I want to thank all who voted,  From these results I have a better picture of what people are interested in.

Medieval Child
With just 2% of the votes this was a definite looser.

 As it stands today this pattern is already multisized for ages 2-6 in both the boy (shorter, narrower skirts, higher neck) and girl version. It has been made up by my #1 tester already at least once. While it is not a historically accurate pattern, it is a rather quick one to sew up, even when doing it all by hand, like the examples I have shown.

I think the reason this was not a popular pattern was partly due to the fact that fewer people are interested in children's patterns, and the fact that the pictures I had to show were rather poor.

The Plaid Cotehardie as it is known by many in the costuming circle is an actual style, though the examples are not shown on children.

There are a few good webpages on this style, where I made my interpretation from.
Plaid Cotehardies of the 14th century by Jessamyn's Closet
School of Lattagona: Altarpiece from the Castle of Santa Coloma de Queralt. c. 1365. Museu d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

Jessamyn di Piemonte also wrote on the Ever-Elusive Plaid Cotehardie on SCA garb freeserver
The Master of Estamariu, and is entitled "The Martyrdom and Death of St. Vincent", dated second half of the fourteenth century.

Merouda Pendray added a few more images to the search here

Detail from The Knighting of St. Martin, Simone Martini, fresco dated about 1320-1330, in the Lower Church of San Francisco, Assisi.

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