Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013

New Year, New Post!

Okay so I am a day late, it being the 2nd and all, but today was the day that we got back to normal routines of school and the like here in my home. Boy does morning come early!

I am not posting any holiday gifts I got, because I honestly didn't get much, most effort went to the children, as it should.

I do not have an interesting list of what I made to share, as I moved earlier in the year and then spent several months getting a routine set up in our new location. I moved away from my costuming buddy, and the events we would attend together.

Mock tunics for 12thnight

I did make the 1810 Corset Elastique, which I hope to make into a pattern

But no other costume sewing really got finished.

Halloween was not much of an effort Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, but I can report that they have been used and loved well, so that is good.

I did some craft sewing, making a doll and a pony. I also sewed holiday gifts, though those posts are not ready.

Nor am I posting a list of intended projects, or joining any challenges. Though this does look cool

No, I plan to put more effort into Corsetra Designs, and I HOPE to have a corset pattern in testing phase by the end of the year. I also hope to have a craft pattern ready for sale.

I am however discontinuing Etsy Monday. Though I do intend to get 1 new item up in the shop every month on a Monday. The Etsy shop is my only source of income at this time, no one wants to hear a sob story, but there it is.

So thank you to for reading this blog, I have some exciting things planed, including free patterns, and maybe even a giveaway!

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