Monday, January 21, 2013

Food, not sewing

I recently made my first Pinterest Project!
As any Pinterest user is aware you tend to hoard ideas, not actually use them.
Well I actually made something. Well actually I COOKED something.

I eat Gluten free, while *I* do not have a medical diagnosis that tells me to do so, too many of my family members do, so to be on the safe side, I and my children avoid Wheat and Gluten. The household also has other allergies and health concerns, like Corn. (which is 90% GMO!)

So when I saw The Gracious Pantry's Clean Eating Quinoa Tortillas come across Pinterest I was intrigued.
I didn't have Quinoa flour on hand, so I turned to the internet and read about how to make your own Quinoa flour.
Power Hungry: Quinoa flour 101 + make your own quinoa flour

Homemade Adventure: How to make Quinoa flour 

I have tried grinding in both a coffee grinder (not used for coffee, no one drinks coffee in this house) and in the Vitamix dry grains container. I have tried both rinsing before toasting and not rinsing. Since my quinoa was bought in bulk, I liked the rinsed batch better.

Since I was grinding my own, it was not consistent or that smooth, so I ended up adding in more brown rice flour and water than the original recipe called for. I used to make corn tortillas, so I am used to making them and knowing the proper consistency. I do not have a tortilla press and use a Bethany Heritage Grill to cook them

Over all I like them, they are just another tortilla recipe used in our house.

The LOOK like corn, and I found them to have good structural stability.

So if you are avoiding Wheat/Gluten or Corn, consider giving this recipe a try on your next taco night.

By the way, that taco up there, that shell was not fresh, I make them up in batches and store them in the freezer. Then warm them up in the toaster oven and fold them while still warm. they cool and keep that classic taco shell shape!

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