Wednesday, January 16, 2013

balancing steps

In my attempts to find the balance in my life, I have been cleaning my living quarters, I have a small area to call mine, essentially just a 6 foot table for my computer and printer, and another one for my sewing machine. I have a 4 foot table in an L shape with my sewing table, but that isn’t supposed to be a permanent fixture.

I have also looked at my daily schedule. Morning is getting the husband and child off to school, then I have 2 hours before picking up the child, which I normally allow the other children to spend playing or watching PBS.
Then comes lunch and homework, and if I am lucky the children will play nicely together and I can have some more time to work on my things. Lately that hasn’t been the case. I think we will chalk that up to Cabin Fever.
My husband doesn’t come home at the same time everyday and I am not always privy to the comings and goings of the others in my household.

Non School days are of course another beast all together, I often am not even on my computer on the weekends, which means that I have a lot of “catching up” to do on the internet on Monday. I need to weed out some of these time sucks by unsubscribing and the like.

So I have 2 hours a day to "work" hmm that isn't much, so I need to FOCUS which is why I put up the poll yesterday.

So I will be spending the rest of the month doing 3 things
1. cleaning and organizing, scheduling my life a bit better.
2. prioritizing my projects, and finishing up those that are on the machine.
3. setting myself up to do which ever pattern comes out on top from the poll.

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