Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part 1

Halloween outfits for my children 2012.
I was gearing up to make a steampunk costume earlier in September until I realized that Halloween was coming, and how could I call myself a costumer if I don’t make something for my children? Last year they all wore hand-me down store bought costumes, which they were all thrilled with, but I didn’t want to repeat that.
So I thought about what I would make them. I decided not to give them a choice, knowing full well they would take a long time to choose something/choose something complicated/change their minds. (High probability of all three.)
I finally settled on Animal hoodies, each of my children has a “spirit” animal that is their nickname. Puppy, Bear, and Kitten. Hoodies becouse I don't think wew will be doing any trick or treating, but the school aged child will likely need something to wear to school. and warm coats are always useful.
I waited for a pattern sale and went looking for patterns. Simplicity came on sale first, I didn’t find a suitable hooded jacket pattern. I did how ever find a fleece hat pattern and a jacket pattern that would work. I have decided to post their outfits in three posts.

I started with Simplicity 1953 Hats

This pattern has the Cat and (panda) Bear that I needed, it was also in both Child and Adult sizes, designed for fleece. I would just make my own dog ear pattern.

All fleece was found on the remnant table which is why the Bear hat is lined with the lighter brown used for the dog.
The face of the cat is hand embroidered, badly, I will admit. I am still a newbie to embroidery and fleece is stretchy. I was an idiot and didn’t stabilize the area first.

The dog and bear have appliqued sections of black fleece to make their faces.

Here is a scan of my dog ear pattern, it is the children’s size and is attached to the hat going across the seam in a curve rather than along it like the other ears. To make it up, sew around the outside then fold it and sew the darts on each side separately. Play with the position to get the look you want.

The second post is Here.

The third and last post is Here.

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